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Harpur's Hill Primary School

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Uniform List



Harpur’s Hill Primary School has a uniform of which we are proud. It offers all pupils a common form of appearance. The uniform is practical, economical and emphasises the school policy, that all children are treated alike.
The uniform consists of:
                       BOYS UNIFORM                                                              GIRLS UNIFORM
                       Grey Trousers                                                                   Grey Skirt or Pinafore
                       Grey shirt or white polo-shirt                                             White polo-shirt or blouse
                       Blue Sweatshirt with school logo                                      Blue Sweatshirt with school log
                       School fleece (optional)                                                     School fleece (optional)
  •      P1 – P4 do not change for P.E. and may wear a white polo shirt, school sweatshirt and joggers to school on P.E. days.     
  •      P5 – P7 change for P.E. and will change into, for hygiene reasons, school polo shirt, sweatshirt, shorts and joggers.
Every item of clothing, including P.E. gear should be clearly labelled with the child’s name.
Children who represent the school will be provided with a shell-suit, which they will wear, along with their team-mates to their chosen activity.
The school uniform can be purchased from S&T Moore, 11-15 Bridge Street, Coleraine (Tel:028 703 53300) and Waterside Superstore, Captain Street, Coleraine.
It is requested that personal jewellery is kept to a minimum, bearing in mind that it must be removed for P.E. classes. Earrings are restricted to ear studs due to health and safety regulations.