The Sunshine Class



The Sunshine Class have had lots of fun in our busy first term! Our topics were “All about me” and “Bears”. We had a trip to the forest and a visit to town.  We did a bear hunt around school, and made some delicious bear snacks. We love Art and Craft and painted beautiful Elmer money boxes; as well as creating polar bear faces, and designing lovely Christmas decorations. Our parents came for 2 special Stay and Play afternoons; and we all enjoyed being together. 

This term our topic is “The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe”.  We love it; and have acted out parts of the story in the playground! We have learned some of the themes, like greed and jealousy, magic and the deeper magic, bravery, honesty, good and evil. We tried Turkish Delight, which Edmund enjoyed in Narnia. And most of us really liked it!

We visited Cheeky Chimps this term; and had a great time climbing, crawling, sliding and running around!

We painted and decorated treasure chests, produced foil forests, and want to make crowns for the kings and queens of Narnia!

Every day, Monday to Thursday, we share snack time at our Sunshine kitchen table. Honey is a favourite topping on toast and pancakes! We celebrate birthdays with cupcakes. And a few of the teachers have visited us on toast days! 

With all the fun activities, and time to be quiet and relax too, it’s no wonder we love the Sunshine Room and are proud to call it our own!

We look forward to the Spring and Summer terms, when we hope to work in the wildlife garden, take part in Sports Days, enjoy school trips, and play lots of games outside!

For now, it’s back to Narnia, and that magical wardrobe...